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Ahm-Lin is a stonemason in the city of Linesh in the Alpiran Empire who also possesses the gift of the Blood Song.

Appearance and Personality[]

Ahm-Lin is short but well built with arms knotted with muscle. His face is angular with high cheekbones, almond shaped eyes, and a faint golden sheen.to his skin.


Ahm-Lin was born in the Far West, where Dark gifts are seen as a blessing. His talent comes to the attention of the ruling Merchant King, who brings him to the palace to learn from an old woman with the same gift. She taught him to control his Blood Song. Ahm-Lin enjoyed a comfortable life in the palace, acting as the King's truth-teller. But over the years he came to realise, that the Merchant King was far from benevolent and he himself was a prisoner. One day a Volarian woman, who resembles Elverah, came to court with a Blood Song of her own. She convinced him to lie to the Merchant King, and soon after the King is poisoned to death. The new Merchant King knew nothing of Ahm-Lin's gift, and he was allowed to just leave the realm. He travelled for the next twenty years, before settling down in Linesh as a stonemason, where he met his wife Shoala.

Blood Song[]

When Vaelin Al Sorna's regiment take over Linesh, as part of the Unified Realm's war to annex the northern Alpiran ports, Ahm-Lin's Blood Song calls to him. It causes Vaelin to go into shock, leaving him in a coma for five days. Once he recovers he goes to find Ahm-Lin, hoping to learn how to control his song. In his workshop, Ahm-Lin has a block of marble, that his song told him to obtain for him. Vaelin starts sculpting a face guided by his song.

Later, Ahm-Lin's workshop is burnt to the ground by a man seemingly possessed by the One Who Waits. Vaelin's statue is destroyed before it is finished. Ahm-Lin himself is badly hurt, but his life is saved by Sister Sherin.

At the end of the war, Vaelin puts Ahm-Lin, his wife, and Sherin on a ship, and they sail off towards the Far West.